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NOTE: Our wholesale products are not related to the Allback product line.

Maintenance of Contractor Grade Swedish Linseed Oil Paint on Exterior Surfaces

This is a traditional paint made for the painters that care about the structures -long term maintenance without the common paint failure. Under normal conditions, the life of linseed oil paint is approximately 8-12 years before additional coats will be needed. The linseed oil paint should normally only be cleaned. When the paint over time starts to chalk and it appear as the surface needs more linseed oil paint, clean the surface well and apply a new coat of the linseed oil paint undiluted.

Made from: Purified boiled linseed oil, titanium oxide, zinc oxide, chalk, driers Less than 3% N-paraffin. Free of any petrochemical acrylics or dye. Only earth pigments are used.

Cleaning, If Necessary

If necessary, clean the surface with a PH neutral dish soap or use linseed oil soap Rinse with water. The linseed oil paint contain zinc white that will work as a mildew deterrent.

The outside air contain large amounts of carbon, mildew spores and various organic matter. The air can transport nurishment that can feed mildew spores. This can settle of the linseed oil surface and may need to be cleaned off on a regular basis.

Clean the linseed oil paint if the surface accumulates dirt, mildew or algae with a natural soap. Spray on a Boric acid solution can avoid mildew build up. Boric acid does not keep dirt off the surface. Cleaning on a regular basis is the best, environmentally sound as well

Linseed oil paint is made with zinc oxide does not usually accumulate/ absorb large amounts of dust and dirt but sometimes under the right natural condition you may experience a build up and the surface needs to be cleaned. Ruff cut timber can collect more dirt than a smooth cut timber. If given a choice, use the smooth side of the timber when using a linseed oil paint.

Linseed oil paint is a live material and will start to loose the gloss over time. The color will look dry. This is the normal process of linseed oil paint. When the linseed oil paint starts to slightly chalk it will become self cleaning and the surface will stay cleaner.


More About Maintenance

  • When applying the linseed oil paint, make sure the surface is clean and dry. Apply one or two coats depending on the situation. No need to remove any old layers of paint when you are using linseed oil paint. Normally,no peeling or cracking. Linseed oil paint will never cause wood to decay as it creates a completely breathable surface.
  • On wood with high sap content you can experience that the linseed oil paint will detach. This is normal. The sap will diminsh over time. Applying a thick coat of shellac on just the knots can slow down the sap from raising to the surface over time
  • If the linseed oil paint falls off and it is not due to the under layers of various types of petrochemical type paint is detaching, there may be a moisture issue. Gutters and down spouts must deflect water or it can damage the linseed oil paint.



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