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Traditional Swedish Falu Style
Red and Black Pigment

The use of Falu or Falun paint dates back hundreds of years in Scandinavia. It is easy to use and a very economical, long-lasting protective coating applied to bare or weathered wood surfaces. See product information and application suggestions to learn more. Do not apply over a modern acrylic, latex, petrochemical coating. Strongly suggested to use a Purified Linseed Oil with Falu Pigments for best results.

Falu Red 3 lbs. Pigment

See 3 lb. recipe.
Price: $39.50

Falu Black 3 lbs. Pigment

See 3 lb. recipe.
Price: $49.50
Falu Black 11 lbs. Pigment
See 11 lb. recipe.
Price: $125.00
Includes traditional Falu Red paint brush. 

A time-tested paint recipe for exterior wood siding.

Product Details | Mixing Instructions | Application Suggestions | History of Falu Paint

Mixing Instructions

In large container add the cold water, slowly pour in powder and mix together slowly. Stir thoroughly. Dilute the liquid soap or linseed oil soap in a small amount of warm water to help dissolve, add to paint mixture and stir well. Add the Viking Purified Raw Linseed Oil and stir in. Preferable to mix outdoors but protected from wind/rain. Do not breath in the powdered pigment. To avoid pockets of pigment or lumps in the paint, use stick mixer or paint mixing blade affixed to a drill for best (and quickest) results. This will also create ideal paint consistency. Apply with stiff bristle brush in thin, even coats. Mixing and application instructions included with order.

Note: Avoid generic linseed oil from the hardware store as this may lead to drying issues or mildew growth. Work with high-quality Viking Purified Raw Linseed Oil with Falu Style Paint for best results.

Recipe - 3 lbs.

3 lb bag of (red or black) dry powder makes approximately 1.5 gallons of paint for 180-240 sq/ft. Coverage depends on type and dryness of wood surface. Download Handbook (3 lb. recipe only).


Recipe - 11 lbs.

Coverage: 11 lb bag of black dry powder makes approximately 20 liters/5.28 gallons of paint for 2000 sq/ft. Mixing and application instructions included with order.



Ideal for exterior rough and smooth cut wood surfaces, especially barns, cottage style architecture, and outbuildings. New timber and/or wood previously painted with a Swedish Falu Style Paint. Very durable with impressive UV protection, the Traditional Falu Style Paint is safe to use, safe for the environment, and easy to maintain over time. It does not peel, crack, trap moisture or cause wood rot. Never use with a conventional, chemically treated linseed oil or paint over alkyd, acrylic, or other petrochemical based coatings.

Note: Avoid generic linseed oil from the hardware store as this may lead to drying issues or mildew growth. Work with high-quality Viking Purified Raw Linseed Oil with Falu Style Paint for best results.

For application on previously painted surfaces or for a comparable option available in Linseed Oil Paint for a semi-gloss finish, consider Ottosson Falu Red Linseed Oil Paint.

Surface Prep & Application Suggestions

Traditional Swedish Falu Style Paint will adhere to any new, clean, dry wood surface, as well as a clean surface previously painted with a Swedish Falu Style Paint. Apply thin, even coats with a stiff natural bristle brush. Typically, two coats are required as the first coat may not fully cover nail heads and knots in timber. These areas can also be spot painted if needed.

To prep, cover foundation, gutters, windows, etc. with some kind of sheeting or drop cloth. Oil and paint will be challenging to remove from brick, stone, cement, etc. Can be cleaned with Linseed Oil Soap if needed. Keep areas covered for several days until paint is completely dry.

New timber should be wiped clean of dirt and dust. Follow mixing instructions and apply as directed.

Old timber or when repainting is needed the wood surface should always be cleaned first for proper adhesion. Loose paint or dirt should be brushed off with wire-brush or scrub pad. If any mildew is present, apply Linseed Oil Soap directly to surface. Clean with scrub pad or deck brush. Rinse well with hose. Do not power wash! Too much moisture is introduced to the wood with this method. Use soft brush or microfiber cloth to wipe away any debris or fine dust. A face mask or respirator is suggested when removing pigment, dust, mold/mildew, etc. Follow mixing instructions or mix stored paint well before use and apply as directed.

If new and/or old wood is extremely dry and weathered, the Traditional Swedish Falu Style Paint may begin to appear paler within a short time, meaning it may be necessary to apply an additional coat(s) of Viking Purified Raw Linseed Oil. Color brightness or luster will be restored with purified oil application – similar to the general maintenance process.

Do no paint while surface is exposed to strong sunlight or if timber is wet. Moisture content of wood should be less than 15%. Let dry after rainfall. Avoid painting in 40° F or colder, especially if there is a risk of night frost. Painting in 70° F or warmer is ideal.

Dry time is typically within 1-2 hrs in warm, dry conditions.

For surfaces previously painted with modern coatings, the infrared Silent Paint Remover can be used to scrape/strip so the traditional coating can soak properly into the bare wood. All of the former coating really should be removed before applying Traditional Falu Style Paint. Do not use chemical strippers.


Clean wood surface with a non-petrochemical liquid soap or Linseed Oil Soap to remove dirt, air-pollution build-up, organic growth, etc. Apply Viking Purified Raw Linseed Oil to nourish pigment and wood substrate. If needed, reapply a thin coat of Traditional Swedish Falu Style Paint. Repeat as needed when wood begins to appear dry or the red color begins to fade. No paint removal or heavy-duty scraping needed.

Both old and new wood will likely be very dry and may require additional coats of Viking Purified Raw Linseed Oil. This is based on a visual inspection of the painted surface. The Viking Purified Raw Linseed Oil will enhance the Traditional Swedish Falu Style Paint by nourishing the substrate of the wood material and increasing durability, longevity, moisture resistance, etc.

Color Variation

Mix enough paint for entire project if possible. If using multiple batches of paint, be sure to paint full side or wall at a time. Start new batch at new corner. Do not stop mid-wall as you will risk an overlap of coats or variations in color. Slight variations in shade may occur between batches of paint based on how the natural pigment is roasted/processed.

Traditional Swedish Falu Style Pigment has a very long shelf-life. In powder form, it does not require frost-free storage and does not expire or go rancid. Store in dry location. Once mixed into paint form, store in a frost-free location with a tight lid. Mix well before next use.

Brief History

Swedish Falu Style Paint, sometimes referred to as Falu Rodfarg has been traditionally used since the 1500s in Scandinavia. It originates and is a by-product from various copper mines, the most well-known being the Falun mine in the Dalarna region of Sweden. This type of paint has a unique composition of naturally occurring oxides, zinc, and other minerals, which is mined, milled, roasted, and ground to a fine pigment that adds protective attributes to exterior wood surfaces. The result is a paint with a beautiful, matte finish and a translucent surface with course silicon dioxide crystals that reflect rays of light. In warm evening light, the red color becomes intense and almost glows.

The beautiful red color has been especially popular for timber structures, initially meant to imitate brick buildings. It has been used on mansions, cabins, and barn/outbuildings alike over the generations. It is still associated with the idyllic country cottage throughout Scandinavia.


The first evidence of the use of Falun Red Paint is documented as far back as the 1500s. Timber houses painted red were symbols of wealth and status. The red brick buildings found on the continent served as models for this style. City governments ordered street facades to be painted red before royal visits.


The red-paint techniques and preference spread from the cities and throughout the countryside, and manor estates were built using the cross-beamed method and painted red. From the manor estates, the fashion spread to wealthy master-miner estates, farms and clergy residences. At the same time, it became more common that buildings in cities were paneled and painted with light-colored oil-based paints.


Farmers painted their dwelling houses and sheds. Towards the end of the 1800s Falun Red Paint had reached the common citizen. National romanticism swept the country and Carl Larsson’s Sundborn estate contributed to the dream of the little red cottage.


The homestead movement and the homeowner movement of the 1930s contributed to an upswing of red paint usage and popularity. The postwar era saw the introduction of acrylic and modern oil paints.

In recent years, however, an increasing number of young architects have used Falun Red Paint in modern architecture and new construction. At the same time, the general interest in building preservation has increased and consequently the interest in Sweden’s national Falun red color with its time-tested characteristics/benefits for wood surface protection.


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